Hmonitor released.

To announce new features and plug-ins available for Hmonitor

Hmonitor released.

Postby author » Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:43 am

Nov 12, 2008 - Hmonitor released.
Changes are follow:
  • SMSC SCH5027/SCH5127 sensor chips support added;
  • SMSC SCH5307/SCH5317 sensor chips support added;
  • SMSC SCH3112/SCH3114/SCH3116 sensor chips support added;
  • SMSC EMC2700P, SCH5514 sensor chips support added;
  • ITE IT8720F sensor chip support added;
  • Asustek F8000 sensor chip support added;
  • Intel DG965WH mainboard support verified;
  • Intel D945GCNL mainboard support added;
  • Asus M2N68-LA (Narra2-GL8E) OEM mainboard support added;
  • HP/Compaq various desktops support added;
  • HP Pavilion Media Center M8100e desktop support verified;
  • HP Compaq NX9110 notebook support added;
  • Dell: various systems support added;
  • Dell Precision Workstation T7400 support verified;
  • Trial version: 10 mins session limit eliminated;
  • Asustek M2N32 WS Pro mainboard support verified;
  • Acer Aspire 5680 notebook support verified;
  • COMMEL LV-678 industrial mainboard support verified;
  • Dell XPS 420 notebook support verified;
  • SNMP: Nagios support verified;
  • SNMP/WMI: PAESSLER PRTG Network monitor support verified;
  • SNMP extension agent is available! Click here to see the screenshot.
  • few minor bugs fixed;
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