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Postby alan j t » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:18 am

Dyze wrote:So i've just notice that the problem is slowly returning. It's not as frequent as before, but maybe every 30-60seconds i get the fast drop of fps. =/

Chances are the thermal paste is history it also sounds like you may have some heat related stress damage to cpu or mother board hopefuly this has not happened but is very hard to detect with out running a full stress test on system. One simple fix is to replace the heat sink with an aftermarket on that will keep the cpu bellow 50c this can be achived quite easily if you are willint to spend about 50 to 60 dollars with something like this http://www.tr2tt.com/products/coolers/m12se/m12se.htm and you will need to change the fan on the heat sink to this one http://www.thermaltake.com/product/DCfa ... /a2013.asp as it provides over twice the air flow and is designed to fit this heat sink and is a very quite fan. If this dose not fix your problem you may neesd a new CPU.
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