Difference between HSM and BIOS reported temps

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Difference between HSM and BIOS reported temps

Postby meltol » Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:29 pm

My BIOS is reporting a CPU temp of 60C just after poweron after overnight; it rapidly rises to over 100C. HSM reports this same temp as Motherboard temp, in the same range (currently 105C).

CPU fan is definitely operating; heat in vicinity of CPU doesn't seem as hot as sensors seem to be reporting nor do I see flames near CPU.

Questions: Why is BIOS reporting as CPU temp and HSM as MB? Is is possible that whatever sensor is generating this temp has failed?

Any suggestions?

/mel tolhurst/

Report follows:
Hmonitor Version Pro
Main Sensor: IT8712F
1st sensor: Diode 0
2nd sensor: Thermistor 1
3rd sensor: Thermistor 0
Monitored data values:
CPU1=33.0°C (correction: 0.0°C)
Power=11.0°C (correction: 0.0°C)
Mainboard=111.0°C (correction: 0.0°C)
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Postby author » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:08 pm

Well, first suggestion is to READ the docs and FAQ.
And, your post moved into FAQ section...

First, you have to change sensor probe types. Try to set all of them to thermistor and watch the difference.

Then, try to change 2nd type to DIODE.
Next, Hmonitor has no ways to determine actual sensors assignment, all captions are just default string labels. You need to tune the program and change captions to reflect actual sources, from Settings window.

Last, after you did it, send me another report to support@hmonitor.com, please!
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