Ignoring sensor jitter

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Ignoring sensor jitter

Postby Grnch » Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:20 pm

I stumbled upon this program while searching for a decent temperature/voltage monitor, so far it looks excellent, except for one minor issue:

The sensor on my motherboard (a Winbond W83627hf) apparently has a tendency to occasionally produce small spikes in the measured voltage that trigger the alarm, while the actual voltage itself is constant. I verified that this is indeed the sensor's fault by observing the voltage in question with a triggered oscilloscope during such a false alarm.

Another indication that it's likely a sensor issue is that the same exact thing happens to temperatures, only my current temperatures are so far bellow the warning threshold that the spikes are not big enough to trigger the alarm.

So, is it possible to add an option to ignore the first overflow/underflow, and only sound the alarm if the condition persists twice in a row?

Otherwise, I'm forced to set the voltage tolerance to uncomfortably large percentages just to avoid these false alarms, which kind of defeats the point.
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Postby author » Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:29 am

Hmonitor has such option for a long time.
It's called "Warning Timeout".
If its value is longer then "poll period", alarm will be triggered only if several readings are beyond allowed range. In most cases, setting the poll period to 1-2 secs (whereas Warning timeout is 5 secs) solves the problem.
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