Suggestion: Allow non-admin users to see HDD temp.

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Suggestion: Allow non-admin users to see HDD temp.

Postby spellbinder() » Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:15 am

I reported an issue in the FAQ forum regarding HD temps not being read
by hmonitor. After uninstalling the software and reinstalling, I have observed something.

The reason why I cannot see the HD temperatures is because my login user in windows XP belongs to the 'power user group'. When I tried to uninstall and reinstall hMonitor using a user with admin rights, I was able to see the HD temps together with the other temps.

It seems that only the user with admin rights can view this info. (I tested with different users groups (power users, users, guest, kids <- user defined group) and any user belonging these groups could not view the HD info. Also they could not check the 'Hard disk drives' option under the
software's main menu. Only the user with admin rights can set this option.

Now, when I am using my computer, I intend to use my login with restricted rights because I dont want to unknowingly infect my system while surfing the internet.

I believe it should not only be the admin user who can view the HD info
All other temps can be viewed by other user groups.
Please verify my findings, I consider you software to be the best of all the trial softwares I have played with.
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Re: In win XP, all user groups should access HD temps

Postby author » Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:20 pm

spellbinder() wrote:I believe it should not only be the admin user who can view the HD info.

I agree with you, but it is Microsoft restriction of access to whole hard drives.
Hopefully, It can be easily achieved for any user in windows XP/Vista, by use of alternate credentials to start hmonitor program.
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