CPU Burn In makes my CPU hot very fast!?!?

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CPU Burn In makes my CPU hot very fast!?!?

Postby snoxu » Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:19 am

After quite a bit a searching I've finally found a progy that reads my Toshiba's M70-122 CPU temp... but I've noticed something a bit disturbing.

CPU Burn In will take my CPU from 47C to ~80C and the fan ramps up in a matter of a few seconds. :shock: :shock: :shock:

This is my first notebook so I'm wondering if this is normal or is it the monitor prog that's not that accurate?
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Postby author » Thu Jul 27, 2006 5:25 am

Yes, most notebooks may heat CPU up to 80-90C under full load. So, continuous usage of monitoring tool is necessary.
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